KFC in this case isn’t stomping on the bearded man’s territory with his secret stash of herbs- this is korean fried chicken tucked into a burger- freaking good.

I was uninspired yesterday and I had no idea what I felt like making for dinner so I visited my Pinterest boards and flicked through them- tucked away in the ‘Burgers & Sandwiches’ board was this recipe that I’d pinned some time ago.  

It was simple really- marinate the chicken thighs in rice wine, sesame oil, salt and sugar and stir through potato starch prior to frying to make it into a batter, salt some cucumbers, chop up some kimchi and mix up some Japanese mayo with gochujang (Korean red pepper paste)- I was sold- ingredients went on the shopping list.

Love love love going to Asian grocers- I always come out with more than what was was actually on the shopping list- this visit was kimchi, potato starch, gochujang and my favourite Japanese mayo- KEWPIE! And maybe a few snack items…

I also needed some burger buns- I’m not a huge fan of the ones from the supermarket- they can go soggy and I find them a little bit too sweet- and they can be a little bit too big.  I remember someone telling me that a particular restaurant that makes lovely lobster rolls (featured in a earlier post) uses the rolls from Breadtop.  So I also popped in there and picked up some of their buns to try because I couldn’t be bothered making my own that day.  Don’t know if it’s true or not but they certainly look like the buns used in the restaurant!

I mixed up the marinade ingredients for the chicken and popped in the chicken thighs to marinate for a few hours.  Because I was using smaller buns I cut the thighs in half.  One thing to note if you make these is that I think the recipe used way too much salt in the marinade- at least halve what they specify.

While the chicken was marinating I salted the cucumbers to draw out the water and lightly pickle, roughly chopped the kimchi, finely sliced the spring onion and mixed the gochujang with the mayo.

Now it’s time to fry!  I have a deep fryer that I have had for YEARS! So much easier having something temperature controlled and with a timer- when I’m done I just strain out the oil to use – depending on what I’ve cooked in it and for how long I can generally get another 1 to 2 uses out of it.  

I mixed the potato starch through the chicken and the marinade and set the oil in the fryer to come to temperature.  Now I’m still not 100% sure (and please comment if you know!) but I was wondering if there was a difference between potato flour and potato starch- there may be.  It was definitely starchy! Be really wary when cooking this not to overcrowd the deep fryer because that mixture is sticky! I had to keep pulling up the basket to pull apart the chicken pieces that were sticking to each other and to make sure they weren’t sticking to the bottom of the basket.  Just be patient though and keep checking, it’s totally worth it.


Chicken cooked and set aside to keep warm all you need to do is lightly toast the inside of the buns, spread with mayo, top with chicken, kimchi and sprinkle with spring onions, salted cucumbers and top with the bun lid.  Excuse the dodgy cutting of the bun… I slightly massacred it…

Smoosh the top down and eat, and then have a another one and then maybe ponder a third.  Eat a third in our case and then regret it give up half way but still making sure it’s just bun left and not chicken.  Even though we were in burger coma’s we agreed that these would make an appearance again one day.

Try it- even if you just do the fried chicken and top it with the gochujang mayo and spring onions.