why don’t lobsters share?

because they’re shellfish!

ok forgive me please- i’m quite a fan of dad jokes.  And besides which this is actually a crayfish not a lobster- we don’t really have lobsters in Australia- well apart from Rock lobsters which I had the pleasure of eating on Christmas Eve but there wasn’t really a market on google for crayfish dad jokes.

But back to the point- this beautiful King Island cray headed into a re-enactment of Supernormal’s New England Lobster roll.  For those of you know who don’t know of Supernormal it’s a restaurant from Andrew McConnell (Cumulus, Cutler & Co, Meatsmith to name a few) on Flinders Lane- I recommend a visit- even if it’s just to sit at the bar for a drink and some pickles…

I’ve wanted to make these for a while and New Years seemed like no better time than any (well at least to indulge in crayfish) to make and share with friends.  The recipe isn’t any great secret, a quick google search will find it for you such as here but I used my Broadsheet Melbourne cookbook.

Essentially its a brioche roll toasted with butter, layered with flavoured kewpie mayonnaise (i love kewpie- have a jumbo bottle in the fridge), topped with chopped cray/lobster meat, then bigger pieces of meat, more mayo, then picked watercress and finely sliced shallots- eat and enjoy- goes great with some bubbles.

I’ve found that Safeway/Woolworths (whatever it’s called these days) actually sells some pretty good brioche rolls but I wanted to give it a go making my own- I had made semi brioche buns a few months ago that turned out well so I googled around and ended up using this recipe from trusty old Gourmet Traveller.

If you don’t have a stand mixer I’d probably steer well clear of making your own- the mixture is quite sticky and wet but best of luck to you if you want to give it a go by hand! The proving time wasn’t nearly a long as advised because it was quite a warm day and to be honest I was super pleased with how they turned out despite the quick rise.  Even though I only really needed six I made the full amount anyway just in case I messed up the baking of the first lot, off the top of my head I think that I ended up making about 14 with some extra dough to spare. If I made these rolls again for this particular recipe I’d probably reduce the weight from 70gm per roll down to 60gm per roll and flattening slightly before their second prove.

And that glorious lobster? Well because I purchased it already cut and cleaned I just had to get the meat out of the shell- tail meat pulls out really easily and you will probably get it out in one piece- but don’t forget about the lovely leg meat! I have the crackers and meat picky things which helped me crack the legs and pull out the meat – it’s not essential though- even a hammer or a heavy pot will do the trick in getting the  shell to give way.

End result? Pretty damned tasty if I do say so myself…


Would I make them again? Yeah I think I would even subbing in prawns, marron or whatever other nice shellfish you have on hand I think would be great. These little babies sell fo $16 each at Supernormal so despite the crayfish not really being an everyday food it works out a little more economical to make at home!

And as for the excess brioche rolls?  Well despite the recipe advising that the were best eaten on day of making (i’m sure that’s when they are the best) they continued to give us love for the next few days… toasted at breakfast for a couple of days (monkey learnt the first day that they didn’t go well with vegemite) and they performed particularly well as a burger…


I will follow up with a burger post at another stage- because I really want to give the shake shack (or is it in and out?) mix of brisket to sirloin patty mix a go….

Have you eaten at supernormal? what were your thoughts?  Or have you made brioche  before? was it buns or in a loaf?  I’d love to do a loaf because I think the leftovers would make spectacular french toast.

hope you have a fabulous day- feel free to throw a dad joke my way xxx

so where do I start?

My beautiful friend has been on at me for a long time to write about my cooking, I certainly post about it enough on instagram but just never wrote about  it- that is until now, I thought let’s just bite the bullet and give it a go, I can talk for hours on end about it so surely I can give it a crack putting fingers to keyboard.  What had held me back was the name- what do I call this thing?

A little over a year ago I set myself a challenge- learn how to make croissants.  I had the recipe from my trusty Gourmet Traveller and would read it from time to time knowing that one day I would make them but not quite having the balls to do it. Eventually late December 2015 I read the recipe for about the 10th time in a row that day and decided that the day had arrived- whether they were a failure or not I was going to need a lot of butter…

I was pretty damned pleased with the end result- they looked like croissants, smelt like croissants and tasted like croissants- and you know what?  It actually wasn’t that complicated- the recipe just looked really daunting but when you broke down the whole recipe it was just a few simple steps.

So I decided from that point I was going to try new things.  I had been enjoying cooking for a long time but didn’t regularly try new things for fear of a complete food flop and when said flop occurred I would quite childishly sulk about it for awhile….stuff it I thought if it goes wrong just try it again until you get it right, but more importantly learn from what you did wrong in the first place (still quite haven’t tackled bloody quince paste but that’s another story). So over the year I dusted off my barely touched pasta machine and have tackled pasta, I’ve given my kitchen aid a bloody good workout for making bread dough’s, pie pastry to name a few- I even purchased a meat grinding attachment and made my own brisket patties for burgers (that was a 2 in one, grind own meat and use brisket for the first time)

Scrolling back through my instagram I’m pretty pleased with what I see which made me decide last night to give this thing a go,  it started with butter and will probably end with butter, I might need to duck down to the shops because we’re probably going to need some more….