how long does it take to get a coffee around here?

If you want a cold one- it’s going to take some time…

To get my coffee fix at home I have a Lavazza pod machine and an aeropress– but these weren’t really cutting it on some of the hot days that Melbourne has finally started to deliver (welcome back Summer); so I was quite excited to find First Press cold drip coffee at my local supermarket on Christmas Eve.

Duke was not quite as excited as I was about the coffee…
Cold drip coffee has a lovely clean taste, no bitterness but still has a nice strong flavour and is delightful poured over ice.  I have mine black,  sometimes with a little sugar syrup and you can add milk/cream to your taste if that’s your preference.  As nice as it is, it’s not cheap (this was $16) so it almost seemed like fate when I received a sale email from Alternative Brewing on boxing day. Checking out their sale items they had Bruer cold drip systems on sale- and watching their how to video I figured it was something I would be able to do at home quite easily so I put my order in.

About a week later it arrived- huzzah!


I wanted to unpack my new toy as soon as possible and get it going because according to the website this takes between 8-10 hours to complete- not wanting to stay up late just to watch coffee drip I didn’t muck about.

Pulling it apart was pretty easy…


And putting it back together was too – push the back left vessel into the wire mesh and then pop into the carafe- pour in freshly ground coffee and shake to level, pop a filter paper on top, wet the grounds, plug in the drip bit (front middle) and fill up the top of the vessel with ice water- pop a lid on and away you go.  You can vary the drip rate and I had it running at about a drip a second.

Here’s a halfway shot:


It took around 8.5 hours to move all the water from the top section to the bottom section.  When finished I just had to pull out the top section- remove the coffee grinds and then then everything just rinses clean- best bit is you can keep the coffee in the carafe it collects in and the lid at the top can be modified to fit the bottom so it stays fresh in the fridge.

Measuring it out the next day it made just over 650 ml and being at home at the moment it’s a little dangerous- I’ve only got a small bit left because I can’t stop drinking it! I think that this would be a great base for expresso martini’s but before I try that there will be another experiment. Browsing around Instagram yesterday I saw that Four Pillars Gin reposted a picture from a Padre Coffee Roaster. Essentially it was a picture of them making a cold drip negroni (!)- it looks like he has gin and campari in the chamber at the top- the recipe will be posted on the roasters blog soon so I can’t wait to read it and give it a whirl. I’m a sucker for negroni’s so this it a must make this Summer!

What are your coffee habits over Summer?