it’s a little rough

I have a love hate relationship with pastry- when it’s great it’s great, and when it’s wrong it’s very very wrong.  

On the list for some time has been rough puff pastry.  I’ve made croissants before and understand the similar process to make puff pastry, but when you can buy it so easily from the shops the time and effort really doesn’t quite seem worth it? But rough puff pastry looked and sounded so much easier so it was just a matter of time until I tried it- like last weekend.

Rough puff pastry needed far less attention than regular puff pastry- ended up being super simple to do, especially since I ignored the first step and used the food processor instead.

This recipe also included thyme and Parmesan in the dough- and it wanted you to rub the butter into the flour with the parmesan and thyme on the bench with a pastry cutter and then incorporate the water into the dough- meh I decided to skip that step and use the food processor instead!


And then after…

Then off to the fridge to rest and chill.

Once chilled you needed to roll out the pastry into a rectangle about 0.5cm thick- the dough rolled out really easily (all that glorious butter!) but you just had to make sure that the bench was nicely floured.

Then on the longest side fold into the middle like so-

Repeat for the other side..

Then fold in half like a book…

Chill in the fridge and then repeat an other two times- this is something than you can do well in advance and it will sit quite happily in the fridge until you’re ready.

For this particular recipe you just needed to roll out into a large rectangle, cover with leeks cooked in white wine, then top with roasted pumpkin, goats cheese and sprinkle with thyme- fold over the edges and then tuck it away in the oven until golden, puffed and smelling delicious.

The pastry may not look exciting at this stage but when you pull it out you can see the lovely layers in the pastry and it’s super flakey – considering it really took no effort at all this feels like a fool proof pastry method!  

See- layers!

This even heated up really well the next day- took it out of the fridge about an hour before to take the chill off and then popped it in the sandwich press with the top just hovering over the topping- still, crisp, still flakey and still delicious.

So pastry- we’re still on good terms at the moment- I think trying rough puff pastry again I’ll seek out a sausage roll recipe- perfect for the cold weather heading our way.

Try it- really easy and it feels like you put in way more effort than you actually did!

2 thoughts on “it’s a little rough”

    1. Hey Gaby- I just did a quick google search for rough puff pastry and it looks like there’s a few recipes out there!!! A few combining different kinds of gluten free flours but also lots of lovely butter!


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