compost cookies

I have a long list of recipes that I want to make, one day… just not at the point in time when I read it.  It’s either start this recipe 24 hours (min) beforehand (when I want it that day), too complicated a method to deal with and I’m reading the recipe late in the afternoon or a range of ingredients I just don’t have the time to go and source.  So this list is a long one, it’s not one central list, it’s scattered over Pinterest boards, ear marked in magazines and I know where they all sit in my cookbooks.  But every now and again I do knock them off one by one.

On the weekend I made compost cookies– the recipe is by Christina Tosi who originally started out at Momofuku and makes amazing things like cereal milk soft serve and crack pie (also on the list).  Compost cookies have been on the list for a long time…. in 2012 I first read about it in Gourmet Traveller where they featured Christina because she’d just released her Milkbar cookbook.  What I loved about it was the crazy combination of ingredients, a range of chocolate chips, pretzels, coffee, potato chips and a graham cracker crumb.

This brings me to Sunday- poor Monkey had to work that day so I decided I’d make him cookies.  My Pinterest page has a cookie/biscuit board so I went there for inspiration and landed on the Compost cookie recipe.  I read through it and thought that’s a few steps but that seems do-able today let’s do it.  So I headed to good old Safeway and picked up the stuff I didn’t have in the cupboard; glucose syrup, chocolate chips, potato chips, McVitee’s digestive biscuits (in lieu of graham crackers) and pretzels.  The one thing I couldn’t find from the shops which wasn’t surprising were butterscotch chips and I think that’s the reason why I’d put this recipe off for so many years because I just didn’t know where I would source them from.  I have gradually learnt that’s it’s ok if you don’t always have exactly the ingredients you need in some cases, so this time I supplemented the butterscotch chips with half white chocolate chips and half Reece’s pieces chips (so good!)

You first start with making the graham cracker crumb- whizz up the biscuits to crumbs and mix through sugar, milk powder, cream and melted butter and stir until it forms small clumps- these are mixed through the biscuit batter later- in hindsight I think that they mooshed into the mixture and became lost so I think next time I might crumble it over a baking sheet and bake until slightly crispy and then mix through.

Then it’s onto making the basic biscuit base, cream butter with sugars, add egg, flours etc.  Then came the fun bit, very carefully mixing through the choc chips, graham cracker crumbs, pretzels and potato chips- the kitchen aid did minimal rotations because i didn’t want to decimate the chips!

The mixture needs to be shaped and chilled before baking- they call for using a 70ml icecream scoop but I just used a 60ml cup measure- I am so glad I used something slightly smaller because the cookies are HUGE! Stack on a tray and chill for at least an hour.

When baking them make sure you give yourself plenty of room between each one, don’t try to cram more on, just be patient and be prepared to bake several batches of cookies. The first lot I cooked for too long but then for the next ones I took them out when the edges were just golden, middle still pale and puffed up, and when it cooled it deflated and all the nice chunky bits started to stick out.

So- do I think you would you eat these and go- oh my goodness I can totally taste the pretzels, chips, coffee etc!? No,but I think that what you do end up with is a beautiful salty sweet flavour and a great texture of crunchy and soft- so this recipe will move from the make one day list to the make again list.
Do you have a ‘to make one day list’? What’s on yours?

Additionally- do you know where you can buy butterscotch chips in Australia?

2 thoughts on “compost cookies”

  1. Never heard of these cookies, reading the title I was concerned it would be used tea bags, the top and tails of carrots, and some egg shells!
    Love reading through your process and seeing the pics, the vicarious cooking and eating you offer is THE BEST.


    1. Well the other title they knock about with is kitchen sink cookies so your description totes comes to mind- luckily all ingredients involved came out of quite sanitary packets! Glad you enjoyed the ‘journey’ 😉


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